Together we stake our claim in Star Atlas as the Legions of ROME! 

Innovation, Exploration, Diplomacy, Commerce, & Strategic Expansion

Star Atlas 2024 COPA Presentation

ROME: A Global Play-2-Earn Gaming Guild

We are a guild of Crypto Savvy Gamers entering the the Star Atlas Metaverse.  The space within Star Atlas represents the new frontier of strategic gaming, and will have a virtual economy that emulates real world economics.  As a guild ROME takes great pride in close knit family-like feel of our squads with a diverse cultural representation across all continents and time zones.

Faction Selection:

Of the three Star Atlas Factions, the choice for ROME was clear.  While might and firepower most certainly have their application, a powerful and ever-growing empire must leverage strategic diplomacy, stealth, and technological innovation.  

This made faction selection for ROME an easy decision. We were the first Star Atlas guild to publicly declare a faction. 

ROME proudly represents ONI and is one of the first established guilds in the Star Atlas community since the Rebirth Event.

Command Structure & Career Opportunities:

ROME has an internal leadership system that rewards dedication and contribution.  Career opportunities within the guild are plentiful.

Whether you want to be on the front lines of battle, out exploring the depths of space, researching new technology, mining resources, crafting high-demand components, or optimizing logistics for our supply chain, ROME has a place for you.

Search & Rescue
Bounty Hunter
Supply Chain
Freight Hauling

When you first visit ROME, you enter our community as a Nomad.  This is an opportunity to get a feel for our culture, ask questions and get to know some of our Citizens and Leadership.  The next step for those who want to become Citizens of ROME, is to fill our a quick application.  This process helps our Squad Leaders assist you in finding the right squad for your interests.

Each Roman Squad has its own theme and focus.  Squad assignments are flexible, which allows our citizens to transition to other squads. However, most Romans take great pride in their squad family and are reluctant to go anywhere else.

Reaper Squad

Primarily focused on combat (security) and exploration by means of both stealth and as a fully visible deterrent. Reapers will be involved in combat piloting, bounty hunting and exploration missions in potentially more dangerous environments.  Reaper Squad has expanded to two divisions consisting of Reaper East & Reaper West.

Invictus Squad

Invictus operates as a single unit for the benefit of all members and ROME.  Mining and refining, manufacturing of multi sized ships, rare components, and protecting it all with sheer might and overwhelming force.

Phalanx Squad

Mining and R&D, with a secondary goal to explore and down the road get into space combat, bounty hunting, and trade.  Unrelenting pressure in deep space during the late game.

Dignus Squad

Relentlessly defend what has been achieved, mercilessly oppose those who dare to confront us.  Committed in times of peace to the Expedition of finding new worlds, resources and opportunities. We will relax by competing in races.

Hispana Squad

Our main ambition as a squad is to build a robust and lasting internal economy, which guarantees us power of expansion and autonomy.  We focus on mining, refining resources, building infrastructure and trading essential resources for development.

Origin Story:

From an ancient legacy on earth to a thriving space faring empire…

In the ancient world, Rome was innovative, and it was strategic. It is known for its military, political, and social institutions. Rome built roads and aqueducts. It used cement, developed sanitation, early elements of surgery, and the modern legal system, It ushered in newspapers and public press, and even postal service. It spread the Latin language far and wide.   Rome left a lasting legacy on earth. However, Rome’s Earth Origins was only the beginning.  


The distant origins of ROME DAC: “The Institute”

Before ONI. Collective of sentient aliens from the Om sector. They pool their resources together to found a research institute and finance exploration missions throughout the visible universe thanks to the precious Photoli technology.

Project MOTHER (Make Our Tiny Humans Extremely Reliable)

Codename given by the Institute to the team of historians, biologists and other researchers specifically assigned to the surveillance of MW/SOL-3 (Earth).

Rival faction: “The Biomass Harvesters”

A nomadic nation made up mostly of Mierese marauders. They operate in the galactic confines and plunder the resources of the worlds on their way in order to resell them to desperate border worlds. Prior to the establishment of the Council of Peace, banished factions such as these were much more prevalent in the interfaction space.


Milky Way, Sol System, 3rd closest planet to the Sun. An ideal crucible for the appearance of carbon-based life. Atmosphere mainly composed of nitrogen and oxygen. World of origin of terrestrial Rome and MUD. The world had different names, but the most prominents ones were Gaia, Terra Mater, Terra or simply Earth.

Terrestrial Rome or “Old Rome”

Pre-industrial human civilization that existed on MW/SOL-3 called “Terra” for more than 1300 years and whose linguistic and cultural influence continues to this day.

New Rome or “ROME”

New Rome, more commonly referred to as “ROME” by the citizens of the Council of Peace, is a decentralized autonomous organization within the ONI faction. Its emblem is the Phoenix, a firebird that can live up to a thousand years before being reborn from its ashes.

ROME was founded as a DAC during the new golden age of space exploration. After the Convergence War ONI launched a campaign to establish a safe zone around its central space station. ROME actively participates in this effort by enlisting its civilian and military fleets to the cause.

The inhabited worlds of ROME are distinguished by their unique architectural style and the cultural identity of their inhabitants.The earthly Rome of yesteryear left visible traces in the culture of the new Rome. Certain Latin expressions persist in particular in the military hierarchy, and the use of Roman numerals is still relevant in everyday life. Although the meaning of some symbols or uses has been lost over time.

The Roman population is mainly composed of species originating from the ONI region, but there are also Human minorities and Androids. Some reports claim that Tufa squadrons also bear the Phoenix emblem, but the Ministry of Truth denies any involvement with metagenic beings.

ONI Region

The ONI faction is a harmonious consortium of diverse species. The people of the Om sector, Segal, Akenat, and Neuno systems collectively set aside their differences in the hopes of a more bountiful life in space.

After the near total wartime extinction of the Sogmian race, the Mierese, Punaab and Photoli united firmly together under a strategic military pact to save their desperate ally. Through this pact, a breakthrough weapon of war was constructed.
Before retaliation took hold to destroy the region’s life force, a truce was soon declared for the betterment of all factions and peace settled throughout.


Manus Ultimus Divinum, The Last Divine Hand, a spacefaring faction of humans originating from their home planet of Earth. After uniting under a common cause inspired by a benevolent photoli scout, humans harnessed Earth’s resources to set off for the stars.

Under the contemporary leadership of Charon Gotti Jr, MUD Territory was established as the only legitimate human faction in the Council of Peace.

Despite the dramatic losses in the Convergence War decades prior, MUD emerged as an industrial powerhouse in the region by securing diplomatic relations through fair trade with ONI and Ustur.


7584 BCE

Foundation of the “Institute”. The exploration of distant stars begins.

7832 BCE

Discovery of MW/S0L-3 “Earth”

~8000 years

Earth is silently being observed by researchers. Data is being collected to understand human societies.

60 BCE

Universal Archives hack. Earth's location and data are leaked to potentially hostile third parties. Harvesters begin targeting Earth. The first interstellar conflict starts in the Sol system.

74 BCE

First contact incident in Anatolia.

82 BCE

Conflict in MW/SOL is won by the Institute forces.

260 BCE

Project MOTHER is officially terminated. Contact between ONI and Humans stops. Select few humans are brought back to the Om sector as the Roman Empire crumbles.

~2000 years

Ahr visits Earth – A lone Photoli scout reveals himself to a bewildered mankind. This indisputable proof of existence of extraterrestrial life starts a chain of events that will lead to the creation of the Manus Ultimus Divinum, “The last divine hand”.

Discovery of Iris – Iris and its gravitational anomaly is discovered, all three factions rush to get their piece of the cosmic treasure.

Convergence War – Brutal galaxy-wide conflict between MUD humans, ONI races and USTUR androids.

Assassination of Paizul – Paizul, Sogmian leader, is assassinated. ROME stands with Sogmians.

Last Stand – Titan class ship is being built to save the Sogmian race. ROME engineers are involved in some designs for specific parts of the ship and contribute financially to assist Sogmian refugees.

Signature of the Treaty of Peace & establishment of the COP. – End of the convergence war. Power is rebalanced between factions thanks to the Titan ships. Fragile peace. ROME advocates for diplomacy with strong military force to deter any expansion from MUD or USTUR into the ONI Region.

SCORE – After the war, factions move from their homeworlds and begin building the central space stations. Security Zones are established.

SCREAM – Currently, ROME is sending fleets to secure the medium risk zone for ONI.

Before ROME (BR)

In the troubled times before the Miereses, Sogmians, Punaabs and Photolis united in ONI, the universe was a dark, uncharted forest: Understanding and cooperation between the peoples of Om, Akenat, Neuno and Segal was not the norm.

However, a collective of scholars, scientists and explorers had already founded a private research center in the Om sector. Their main goal was to catalog new life forms and build bridges between intelligent life forms in the universe.

MW/SOL-3 was discovered by one of these exploration crews in 7832 BCE, and the first data collected by their probe revealed the presence of ammonia and nitrous oxide in the atmosphere. This could indicate the presence of an intelligent species on this planet practicing agriculture.

They discover that one of the native species of this planet has spread across all habitable continents and is splitting into a myriad of primitive agrarian societies.

The discovery is significant for the crew because while carbon-based life forms are commonplace in this galactic cluster, advanced and intelligent species capable of technological mastery and with the potential to develop an industrial civilization are extremely rare.

Respecting their ethics of non-intervention, they nevertheless decide to leave an observation post in low Earth orbit and return regularly to collect data and to keep an eye on the development of this world. This event marks the beginning of project MOTHER.

For almost 8000 years humanity was thus observed from a distance; from the first sedentary communities to the great cities of stone. With proto-ONI aliens returning quietly every 500 years to document changes in Earth’s fauna and flora.

The development of human civilization was a particularly fascinating subject of study for the xeno-anthropologists and historians of the team. The secret of “mother earth” and the discovery of humanity was jealously guarded in the archives of the institute.

Over time, some scientists and xeno-historians pick favorites among the many human civilizations observed. These trends vary greatly over time; however in the whole history of the Institute and project MOTHER, the Roman civilization is by far the favorite. Ironically, it is the doom of this civilization that will also spell the end of Project MOTHER.

The adventures of the Romans were the subject of many debates and theories within the Academy of Xeno-History of the Om sector for centuries. Although the intergalactic dimension of their fame was totally unknown to them. From their beginnings in the 8th century BCE to becoming one of the most influential empires of their time.

In 60 BCE, the first triumvirate was set up between Caesar, Crassus and Pompey. A new era begins for the Roman Republic. In the same year a cyberattack on the Institute Universal Archives initiated by a competing organization reveals the location of millions of worlds of value, whether for their habitability or the rare resources they contain.

This hostile faction launches a military campaign with the objective of taking control of MW/SOL and its habitable planet in order to recycle its precious biomass, essential for the survival of organic species in the inhospitable void of deep space.

After a long internal debate that will spill ink over the following centuries, the Institute finally decided to intervene to preserve the human species and the future of project MOTHER, a conflict then broke out.

The war continues without the knowledge of humanity for nearly a decade. The two belligerents multiply the attempts to control the terrestrial airspace.
In 74 BCE a notable incident occurred, and it may well be ONI’s first real contact with humanity.

As a Chi fighter is shot down in low Earth orbit, the hulk of the photoli ship inadvertently crashes on a battlefield in Anatolia in front of thousands of stunned Roman legionnaires. The philosopher and biographer Plutarch will narrate the incident later by describing an object in the shape of a jar and of the appearance of molten silver.

After countless skirmishes in the solar system, creating multiple UFO incidents with humans, the conflict was finally won by the explorers in 82 BCE, but the location of Earth is now known throughout the civilized universe.

In 60 BCE, After the fighting is over, project MOTHER officials finally decided that with the leak of information regarding the position of the habitable Earth, and considering that the stealth of their operations was seriously compromised following the conflict with the Harvesters, it was in the vital interest of humanity but also of the project to abandon their non-interventionist policy.

The institute then begins to work secretly with humans selected from among their fellows. The purpose of the operation is to introduce knowledge and elevate humanity by creating conditions conducive to the development of science and an advanced degree of civilization.

In the first century CE, Heron of Alexandria discovered the first steam engine. Project MOTHER then takes a turn and it is decided that all efforts will focus on the industrialization of the Roman Empire then in full swing.

But for multiple social and economic factors the plan for elevation fails and ancient Roman society remains stagnant, the Empire declining after overstretching and being undermined by internal strife and warfare.

The Roman Empire experienced a period of unprecedented political instability in the mid-3rd century CE with sixteen successive emperors in the span of 33 years. The observation post in low Earth orbit was officially dismantled in 260 CE, marking the end of all contacts between the ONI species and humanity.

Two millennia after the Institute’s departure from the MW/SOL system, a photoli scout named Ahr reveals himself to humanity with great fanfare. The consequences of this contact between Mankind and the Photoli lead to a transformative period for planet Earth.

Already facing deep ecological and climate issues on their homeworld, the Humans, guided by Ahr’s revelation of the presence of other civilizations and intelligent beings in the universe, are exploiting the last available resources of their planet in order to set out to the stars. Which will eventually lead to the formation of Manus Ultimus Divinum “MUD” faction.

The abandonment of project MOTHER, however, does not mark the end of Roman influence on the galaxy. Not only do the descendants of Earth humans within MUD still retain traces of ancient Rome in their dialects and legal system, Institute researchers have also preserved documents, artifacts and even invited a selection of Humans with them on their return to the Om sector.

Scribes, scientists, as well as citizens who have distinguished themselves by their beneficial actions for Rome. In total, a dozen individuals and their relatives were taken to the Institute homeworld where they were able to complete their natural life cycle while taking advantage of advanced ONI technology.

Rumor has it that some descendants of those early interstellar Romans are still with us today. But the mixing of populations following the establishment of the Council of Peace makes them difficult to distinguish from regular MUDs.

During the thousands of years preceding the formation of ONI, the Institute and its research center developed into a cosmopolitan metropolis open to interstellar commerce. It is also becoming a popular destination for intellectuals with an interest in xeno civilizations thanks to its extensive archives.

The Academy of Sciences as well as the administrative buildings are still built in a pure Roman style. The mix of antique human style and Photoli technology makes the capital of ROME one of the most exotic tourist destinations in the ONI region.

During the Convergence War, ROME is fully committed to ONI and sets out to conquer the Cataclysm. Until then the knowledge of the existence of Humanity was not widespread in the inhabited universe, and only a few scholars of the new ROME still remember that the old legends and the Roman “national novel” are in fact inspired by an ancient civilization. Most lay citizens on the subject believe that the “Romans” of old were Sogmians or some other race similar to what they already know.

When MUD arrives on the intergalactic scene, they are at first fiercely fought as rivals and invaders. However, as prisoners are taken during the fighting, more information about their origins is gathered. The connection with MW/SOL-3 and the ancient work of the Institute is quickly made by researchers in ROME and the general public in the Roman worlds is very enthusiastic about the idea of ​​reconnecting with part of their origins.

After the signing of the Peace Treaty many MUD, surprised and disturbed by the presence of clearly human architecture on such remote worlds, desert their faction to join ONI and obtain Roman citizenship. Humans today form a significant part of the population of the Empire.

The assassination of Paizul is a traumatic event for all ONI citizens, especially for the Sogmians who have come close to extinction. ROME participates in the development and financing of the “Last Stand” project by providing engineers and redirecting part of its income into humanitarian support for the Sogmian people. The Titan-class ship is finally completed and rebalances the balance of power between factions.

A fragile peace is now in place in the galaxy. The three major factions have established their respective security zones and have set out to conquer and colonize the space that separates them from the Cataclysm. ROME carves its way through the stars to serve ONI, establish logistical bridges, and secure a wilderness where many terrorist groups and outlaws still roam freely far from the jurisdiction of the COP.